Awards are defined as something given to someone in recognition of merit or achievement. EagleMed takes great pride in its employees and the organization achieving industry acknowledgement.

EagleMed actively participates in awards programs and proudly lists below those receiving awards.

Mark of Excellence Awarded to EagleMed at NIGHTCON 2015


Dallas, Texas - The Night Vision Awards took place in Dallas during the annual NIGHTCON
Night Vision Conference where EagleMed was given the Mark of Excellence Award and
James Wisecup received the Lifetime Achievement Award.
The Mark of Excellence Award recognizes a company that signifies dedication to quality
and excellence in their operation.
“EagleMed is very pleased to accept the Mark of Excellence Award in recognition of our
initiative to outfit the entire rotor wing fleet with Night Vision Goggles as part of the
commitment to improving safety,” said EagleMed Director of Environmental Health &
Safety Lance Hofmann. “We initiated and accomplished this additional safety layer
because NVGs are the most proactive technology for accident and incident prevention
in night critical care transport.”
In adopting Night Vision Goggles as the highest standard for safety in the air medical
transportation industry, EagleMed improves the wellbeing of its patients, crewmembers
and the industry. EagleMed’s implementation of Night Vision Goggles for its entire
helicopter fleet represents an important economic investment and considerable
logistical challenge in pursuit of improving safety according to Hofmann.
The NIGHTCON Night Vision Lifetime Achievement award is given to an individual that
has made a significant impact on the industry and the use of NVIS.
“It’s an honor to receive this award, and I appreciate the ongoing support from Air
Methods and my peers in the Night Vision world,” said James O. Wisecup, Aviation
Director of Air Methods. “It goes without saying that safety is at the forefront of what
we do, and night vision goggle technology continues to improve the safety of an entire
industry. I believe that the total support of the helicopter civil aviation industry in the
pursuit of NVIS certification has saved many lives. It’s truly humbling.”
Sponsors of the event included Aviation Specialties Unlimited (ASU), Night Flight
Concepts, (NFC), Vertical Magazine and Rotorcraft Pro Magazine.
“The winners of the awards in Dallas exemplify what these awards are all about,” said
Night Vision Awards Emcee, Scott Emerine. “EagleMed not only won the Mark of
Excellence Award, but also was recognized for their SMS efforts this week by another
organization. Jim Wisecup was among the first adopters of night vision goggles in the air
medical industry and pioneered efforts to see NVIS use approved in the United States.
The judges truly selected great winners that were worthy of the recognition they


EagleMed’s Director of Safety Lance Hofmann has received the Chairman’s Award from the Association of Air Medical Services

Lance Hofmann earned the honor for his actions, commitment to safety and leadership at the organization’s Safety Management Training Academy and for his service as the association’s Safety Committee vice chair, according to past chair Gerald Pagano, who bestowed the award. Association of Air Medical Services Chairman Awards are presented annually by the organization’s board chair, during its membership meeting at the Air Medical Transport Conference, to individuals who have gone above and beyond in their duties and contributions to the association and its membership. "Lance's commitment to the Safety Management Training Academy program is worthy of special chairman's recognition," says past chair Gerry Pagano. "His preparation for teaching the OSHA portion of the program was exceptional. The academy participants gained vital knowledge, not just from Lance's OSHA course, but from two additional comprehensive safety courses that he teaches at the academy." Hofmann served in safety for more than 20 years starting at the U.S. Army’s Special Operations Command before joining EagleMed. He has two master's degrees in safety and is an OSHA outreach instructor and adjunct faculty member for the Georgia Institute of Technology. Additionally he has extensive experience in accident investigation and composite risk management. Association of Air Medical Services Established in 1980, the Association of Air Medical Services is an international trade association headquartered in the Washington, D.C. area. It advocates on behalf of its membership to enhance their ability to deliver quality, safe, timely and effective medical care and transportation for every patient in need. The association represents the Air Medical and the Critical Care Ground Transport industry, enhancing its members ability to serve communities throughout the United States and around the world. The organization provides numerous professional development opportunities at a variety of local, national and international events.


EagleMed receives AAMS Fixed Wing Award of Excellence 2000

The AAMS fixed wing award of Excellence recognizes an individual/team that has made significant contributions to enhance the development or promote the improvement of patient care and/or safety, specifically in the fixed wing component of the air medical transport community.



Operator Safety Award awarded to EagleMed for 2011

HAI's Operator Safety Award annually recognizes  the safe operation of helicopters by its regular members, HAI provides the "Operator Safety Award" to operators who have not had an accident for the just-concluded year.

Pilot Safety Award

The HAI Pilot Safety Award honors helicopter pilots worldwide who have at least 5,000 consecutive hours of accident and violation-free flight hours.

To qualify, you must be an individual pilot member or an employee of an HAI member company. Qualified pilots will receive a certificate for achieving 5,000, 10,000, 15,000, 20,000, or 25,000 consecutive accident and violation-free flight hours.

The following Pilots received the award in 2011:

  • Walter C. Kohl - 5,000
  • Jay L. Jones - 5,000
  • Rex D. Johnston - 10,000
  • Mark Boyer - 5,000
  • Raymond Evans - 10,000
  • Charles D. Gentry - 5,000
  • James C. Glasner - 5,000

Mechanic Award

The HAI Aviation Maintenance Technician Safety Award honors helicopter maintenance technicians worldwide who have 5,000, 10,000, 15,000 or 20,000 or more, hours of  violation-free professional helicopter maintenance experience.  To qualify, you must be a full-time aviation maintenance technician and either an individual maintenance technician member or an employee of an HAI member.  Should you question a violation, refer to the federal regulations pertaining to the country concerned.  Any violation, regardless of nature or circumstances, will disqualify the candidate.

 To qualify, the nominee must:

  • be a full-time employee of an HAI Member firm or an individual Maintenance Technician member of HAI.
  • be certified or licensed, as required, to perform work as an aviation mechanic or avionics technician.
  • have achieved 5, 10, 15 or 20 or more, consecutive hours of violation-free professional maintenance helicopter experience.

 In all cases, the firm placing the name in nomination must have verified the employment history of the nominee.

The nomination form must include the signature of the firm's Director of Maintenance and General Manager certifying the facts presented are true to the best of their knowledge.

The following Mechanics received the awards in 2011:

  • Kevin L. Wallace - 5 years
  • Chet Glenn - 5 years
  • Timothy R. Law - 10 years
  • Adam Kershaw - 5 years
  • Rick Sweet - 15 years


Education Awards

Andrew Campfield of EagleMed earns Jeff Landgraf Award for Excellence in Pediatric Education

Three veteran southwest Kansas professionals affiliated with the Emergency Medical Services Technology-Paramedic Program at Garden City Community College were honored at the 2012 Kansas Emergency Medical Technicians Association state conference.

Deb Brown, Sublette, Haskell County EMS and Emergency Management director, received the Norman E. McSwain Award. Jerrad Webb, Deerfield, GCCC Paramedic Program instructor, earned the Irvin Powell Memorial Award, and Bob Prewitt, Garden City, retired Finney County EMS director, accepted the Bob Orth Award.

In addition, the late Jeff Landgraf was inducted into the Kansas EMS Hall of Fame; and GCCC EMST alumnus Andrew Campfield, EagleMed Dodge City, earned a new award named in Landgraf's honor.

Campfield, a registered nurse with EMT-Intermediate and I/C credentials, was named recipient of the Jeff Landgraf Award for Excellence in Pediatric Education.

Campfield, who presently serves as an EagleMed flight nurse/educator, was chosen for the Landgraf Award because of his teaching style and the way he inspires his students to take care of sick and injured children. He was credited with a reputation for dedication among area doctors, nurses and hospitals, and for teaching numerous American Heart Association courses, including 20 in 2011 alone.

"His children are a driving force in his life and career, and that enthusiasm flows over into his education  in pediatrics," Sisk said.

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